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May, 27 2017

Thanks to V2X technology, connected cars will soon be able to tell you what lies way ahead or around the corner we do know that wireless connectivity will play a much more important role than it does now, primarily offering passengers an internet connection and GPS navigation. Today many cars use radar for collision avoidance,…
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February, 23 2017

Crossing a busy street might be easier in a driverless future. In Blink, a new concept designed for driverless cars, when you want to cross–and you’re not at a crosswalk–you can hold up your hand, and the car will stop and light up with a green walk signal on the windshield and rear window. If…
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June, 07 2016

If businesses could sense emotion using tech at all times, they could capitalize on it to sell to the consumer in the opportune moment. The artificial intelligence focused on emotion recognition is a the new frontier that could have huge consequences in not only advertising, but in new startups, healthcare, wearables, education, and more. There’s a…
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